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  • Jennifer Claveau

The Sweet Pickle Challenge

Carrying on the subject of choosing a subject, I have been playing with some new ideas challenges. Some of them come from people or instructors I am learning from while others come from my own hobbies and interests.

I have so many interests, they are a little hard to keep track of sometimes. My creative brain keeps life interesting. One interest that keeps me sustained on a daily basis is food. Not surprising, this will be my second of two blog posts on the subject of FOOD!

For me, food is fun, plain and simple. Humans, animals, insects, all life on this earth must eat everyday to stay alive. While some may find that boring, I find it another avenue to be creative. Playing with food (something your parents tell you not to do when you are a child) is something I take great joy in. I experiment with recipes, from vegetarian to wild meats and I love making everything in my home from scratch.

A few years back, I got into canning. For those who don't know what that is, it is bringing food to a high temperature boil, then putting the contents into sterilized mason jars and storing them for consumption up to a year later, sometimes longer. I've been canning things like tomatoes, jams, chutneys and you guessed it...pickles!

These jars make great gifts and can also be put on display so your guests can truly understand how crazy you are. Warning: you spend way more money and time in the kitchen than you would if you just went grocery shopping. But where is the fun in that?

More fun comes your way when you start painting these tasty little gifts that keep on giving. And that brings me to the title of this post "The Sweet Pickle Challenge".

Even if you don't like sweet pickles, I hope that you may be able to stomach painting them. And for the record, most self-proclaimed sweet-pickle-haters cannot resist my own special sweet pickles.

This piece is still a work in process and it is actually a greeting card I plan to send my cousin on her birthday. (She is a big time pickle fan and loves my art, so I combined the two)

The challenge really comes from the use of greens (sooo many shades) and grays and capturing the light and colours in the jar and the metal lid. Glass reflections are a challenge at the best of times, throw some pickles in there and you have a good puzzle to solve. And that is how I look at it, these are all puzzles and we as artists are solving them in our own way.

How you would approach a jar of pickles? Maybe you prefer to paint a range of canned fruits or veggies. That is the challenge I am throwing out there for the month of March. Fee free to post your comments below and keep me posted on your results.

Sweet Pickle Challenge