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The Potential of Colour

Discover the art
of Jennifer Claveau

Photograph by Rick Zolkower

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Painter of light dancing inside shadows wrapped in colours encased in a box. Cue the music.

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Exploring Everything Within and the Space Between

J. Claveau works with mixed media to explore the connection between visual art and music.


Claveau is both a musician and a visual artist. She uses watercolours, acrylics, collage and music meditation to bring her polyphonic visions to life. She makes her own collage materials, often painting canvasses, deconstructing and rebuilding. 


For Claveau, as a musician and a visual artist, creativity flows from the present moment and expresses the micro transitions of daily life, moving into colourful depths and through music compositions and song lyrics, making the invisible, visible. Her subjects range from human forms and wildlife to abstract musical compositions.


She has developed her own signature style that she has branded "Intracolour" or "Intracolourism". Claveau describes her style as creating an environment of spontaneous unravelling, by simultaneously considering all the angles and textures of light and dark. She considers herself and explorer of colour ideas and uses squares, cubes and boxes as her primary containers for experimentation. She sees the infinite potential within the boxes of colours and where they spontaneously appear in the present moment, once she reaches what she describes as a visual "flow state".


Claveau grew up playing in the ravines of Toronto. She considers herself a dual citizen of the city and the forest and exists between these two worlds.


When she is not in her studio in the secluded woods of Muskoka, or greeting new friends at her Bracebridge-based Green Forest Gallery, she is hiking with her dogs Gracie and Charlie. She enjoys exploring forests and hiking the trails of her own backyard, Algonquin Park and The Kawartha Lakes. She finds endless inspiration in the solitude of nature.


She is inspired by landscapes, city scenes and the emotions that arise from the tasks of daily life. She brings these elements together through visual art and music. 

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